Ashleigh was born in 1995 with a form of Cerebral Palsy (right sided hemiplegia) which has left her with reduced function throughout the whole of the right side of her body. At  the age of seven as a form of physiotherapy she began to ride, but was told she would never be able to ride properly. Today she is a top Para Dressage Rider ever more determined to make it to the very top. By the age of sixteen, Ashleigh was selected onto the National Lottery funded World Class Podium Potential Programme, an elite programme  designed to identify up and coming talent. They support, train and develop the countries best and train them to become world class athletes. Her goal? To represent Great Britain at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games.  

               Click on the video below for a behind the scenes view of what it takes at this level... 

"As a member of the World Class Podium Potential Programme, Ashleigh has been identified  as a rider who demonstrates the medal winning capabilities to develop and achieve on the World stage" 

David Hamer-Co-ordinator of the World Class Podium Potential Programme.