I am Internationally classified by the FEI as a grade II rider with a profile 14.

My compensating aids are:

Bar rein                                                                        Double bridle                                                               Salute with head only                                                 Voice                                                                             Commander                                                                 Elastic bands on stirrups                                            Strap from stirrup to girth                                         No stirrups                                                                   Two loops attached to bar

As ever Jo Beavis at the National Saddle Centre was entrusted with fitting Bongo‚Äôs saddle, which is an Ideal dressage saddle, only the very best calf has been selected for this covered saddle. The saddle was modified to suit my requirements and has a wide seat and gusset in order to spread my weight more evenly so that Bongo is as comfortable  as possible.

Ashleigh also has a bar rein which connects the two reins as she rides one handed, but also has a loop attached at the side as a hand hold for her right hand which keeps her straighter. 

Although Ashleigh has other equipment listed, she does not have to use them all, but is able to. Previously she has ridden without stirrups and other horses have required a double bridle.