Current Horse

Competition name: Roemer van Veenoord

Stable name: Prince

Gender: Gelding

DOB: 2005

Breed: Friesian

Height: 15.3hh

Colour: Black

Favourite thing: Bananas

In May 2016 Prince arrived at Daneswood Dressage, he has very kindly been loaned to me by his owner Mandy Wright. Ashleigh and Prince hit it off immediately, he is such a kind horse and has exactly the right temperament for his new job, which he is taking to extremely well. they have been in training during the summer, taking time to get to know each other properly. Prince has been to a couple of World Class squad training sessions, along with getting out to do some test riding practice locally in preparation for the first of his Para competitions in September, so fingers crossed all goes to plan and they are lucky enough to be reselected onto the program together again at the end of October.

Previous Horses   

Competition name: Bongo Bong

Stable Name: Bongo

Gender: Gelding

DOB: 2004

Breed: German riding Pony

Height: 15hh

Colour Black

Favourite thing: Looking out of his stable window

Bongo was Ashleigh's competition horse until May 2016, together they were re selected onto a second World Class cycle after winning at International level 2 years on the trot at young rider and 2* level, in 2015 they were the Reserve Summer Champions. Bongo was destined to be an FEI pony but grew too big. Although he is a good boy and really looks after Ashleigh its been a rocky road and has been a bit of a love hate relationship, fortunately these days its Love. Bongo has taught Ashleigh so much and will definitely be a hard act to follow.

Bongo was very sadly put to sleep on 22nd September 2016 RIP 

Competition  name: Aranka

Stable name: Polly

DOB: 2002

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Height: 16.1hh

Colour: Skewbald

Favourite thing: getting as dirty as possible

Polly was Ashleigh's  partner from 2010 until 2014, and together they got selected onto World Class for the first time, won Para Talent Spotting and won at International level in the Junior section. She is now enjoying life doing what she loved best....eventing and jumping.

 Competition name: Desert Red Storm

Stable name: Red

Gender: Gelding

DOB: 1999

Breed: Irish Draft X Thoroughbred

Height: 16.1 hh

Colour: Bright Bay

Favourite thing: Scratching ( Red had sweet itch so was always appreciative of a good scratch)

Red was Ashleigh's first dressage horse when she was just 13, together they competed at their very first International competition and were selected for the then Regional Foundation Squad, followed by the Excel Talent programme. Red was retired after the vets discovered arthritis in his hocks.

Name: Dandy (He wasn't posh enough for a competition name)

Gender: Gelding

DOB: 1997

Height: 13.1hh

Breed: Welsh sec C cross

Colour: Chestnut

Favourite thing: Playing with his best friend Splash

Dandy was Ashleigh's very first pony and they had great fun hacking everywhere, they did their very first competition together when Ashleigh was just 12, and went to their first para competition together and did the Para Talent spotting. After serving Ashleigh two younger siblings Dandy went on to his lovely forever home and is still teaching little ones the ropes.